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ADVANCED STRUCTURE ENGINEERING. Downstand beams are also unnecessary or can be incorporated in slab depth where required Cross-bracing and intermediate supports are eliminated Concrete usage is significantly reduced; 1kg of recycled plastic replaces 100kg of concrete.

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Structural behavior of bubble deck slab. Bubble deck slab is a method of virtually eliminating all concrete from the middle of a floor slab, which is not performing any structural function, thereby dramatically reducing structural dead weight. High density polyethylene hollow spheres replace the in-effective concrete in the centre of the slab,

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make your own deck tiles disadvantages of bubble deck slab Cheap and durable wood flooring has a lot of advantages, to waterproof, anti-corrosion, and the installation is particularly simple

If a bubble deck slab has many advantages, then why is

If a bubble deck slab has many advantages, then why is this method not used worldwide? Update Cancel. a d b y T r u t h f i n d e r. Have you ever googled yourself? Do a "deep search" instead. This new search engine reveals personal records of millions of Americans. What is the solution to a cracked reinforced slab deck? Chang Han.

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The advantages are less energy consumption - both in production, transport and carrying out, less emission - exhaust gases from production and transport, especially CO2 .The aim of this paper is to discuss about various properties of Bubble deck slab based on the various studies done abroad.

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Bubble deck technology based slab is designed by using DIN codal provisions ,which is not popular in India and attempts r going on to design the same using IS codal provisions.

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BUBBLE DECK SLAB The best solution for above two problems is Bubble Deck Slab Bubble Deck Slab is a Biaxial voided concrete slab in which high density polythene hollow spheres replace the ineffective concrete in the centre of concrete slab.

Bubble Deck - Lighter Flat Slab Technology

BubbleDeck comprises a hollow, flat slab that spans in two directions, in which plastic balls are incorporated to replace, and therefore eliminate the concrete in the middle of a conventional slab which does not contribute to its structural performance. The advantages of BubbleDeck are many: It allows freedom of design with non-rectilinear

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With integration of PT cables, which fit easily in the slab, spans of 50 times the deck thickness is possible. Long Cantilevers. With BubbleDeck, completely open facades is possible with long cantilevers. Length of cantilevers of app. 10 times the deck thickness gives the architect a tool for optimising both light and interior design.


Bubble Deck slab uses hollow spherical or elliptical balls made by recycled plastic. A Bubble Deck slab has a two-dimensional arrangement of voids within the slabs to reduce self-weight. The behaviour of Bubble Deck slabs is influenced by the ratio of bubble diameter to slab thickness.

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disadvantages of bubble deck. Bubble Deck Technology Uses Less Concrete by Filing The Slab ..30 Apr 2012 . BubbleDeck is a really clever solution to this problem: it fills the slab with plastic balls that are held in place in prefabricated assemblies of reinforcing.

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Bubble Deck belongs to the original combination method of connecting air, steel and concrete in two-way structural slab. Hollow plastic balls is embedded into the slab and reinforced with steel. The end result eliminates up to 35% of concrete that contains carrying effect at the time of restoring the two-way span strength.

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Economic Advantages. The economic savings as a result of BubbleDeck is not only obtained by the deck itself. The largest savings are obtained through reductions and simplifications throughout the entire construction.Savings in materials slabs, beams, columns, foundations are substantial up to 50% .Transportation costs are substantially reduced Faster construction time; easy carrying out

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various properties of bubble deck slab was also discussed based on the studies carried out on abroad. Index Terms Biaxial Hollow core slabs, Bubble deck slab, Finite element method FEM , Hollow plastic spheres. 1.Introduction . In building constructions, the slab is a very important structural member to make a space.

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BubbleDeck - the Biaxial Hollow Slab. Architectural freedom, Flexibility in Design and Use, Fast and Inexpensive, Savings and Environmental Benefits.

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Abstract Bubble deck slab is a method of virtually advantages are less energy consumption Structural Behavior of Bubble Deck Slab P. Prabhu Teja 1, Get Quotes / Contact Us PDF Structural behavior of bubble deck slab

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