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Guide Specifications. Versa-Lok; Contractors then submit bids based on preliminary engineering and material estimates provided by the wall supplier. The contractor awarded the project retains a qualified, licensed, professional civil engineer to prepare final construction dings and submits these to a specifier for approval

Retaining Wall Engineering Specifications and Data Sheets

Engineering specifications and product data sheets for concrete retaining walls, landscaping walls, columns, steps and pavers. Gravity Retaining Blocks. Redi-Rock 60-in 1520-mm Gravity Retaining Blocks. Redi-Rock 41-in 1030-mm 9-in 230-mm Setback Retaining Blocks. having a copy of GEO5 Redi-Rock Wall Professional is the way to go.


GUIDELINES FOR RETAINING WALLS 4-0 IN HEIGHT OR LESS Version Prepared by: Building Development Division Department of Development Services 5 County Complex Ct.

Final Engineering Retaining Wall Designs Versa-Lok

Final Engineering Retaining Wall Designs P.E. Stamped Plans Versa-Lok; For state highway agency projects, the 2010 AASHTO Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges published by AASHTO, Washington, DC is typically considered the industry standard unless project specifications indicate otherwise.

Engineered Retaining Wall Cambridge Pavingstones

The stamped engineering requirement will vary, from locality to locality. The determining factor for requiring stamped engineering is usually the exposed height of the retaining wall. Some local building departments require stamped engineering on retaining walls as short as 2' in exposed height.

Retaining Walls ABIS Building and Pest Inspections

As the weight of soil behind a retaining wall can create massive hydrostatic pressures which may cause poorly designed walls to collapse, an engineering design should be prepared by a structural/civil engineer and/or the manufacturer's specification which includes engineered design specifications of the retaining wall.

U Cara Segmental Retaining Wall Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Installation Specifications Prepared by Risi Stone Systems Used by permission. Engineering Firm that has been retained to provide all Geotechnical verifications for the Wall, including verifying Site Soils and Groundwater conditions, Materials testing, and Global Stability.

Engineered Segmental Retaining Walls - AEC Daily

Engineered Segmental Retaining Walls aesthetics of any landscape. This course looks at the site and application fa ctors that determine whether a segmental retaining wall must be engineered and soil reinfo rced, and provides technical information provide specifications for the walls construction monitor the construction

How to Determine If You Need an Engineer for a Retaining

How to Determine If You Need an Engineer for a Retaining Wall Design. If the back wall is inside of that zone, then the wall is considered as one wall, and the 4 foot building permit and engineering is required. The back wall must also be shorter in height than the front wall. Contact a Licensed Engineer for his advice and a design.

Concrete Retaining Wall Product Technical Materials

Browse Anchor Walls Technical Materials, including freestanding and retaining wall construction details, freestanding and retaining wall product specifications, CAD dings, installation guides and more. Select material s to add them to your zip folder, then download or email the files for easy access.

ENGINEERING ReCon - Gravity Retaining Walls

Specifications and Installation Instructions; Retaining walls must be engineered to perform. ReCon has the industry leading gravity retaining wall system. ReCon's large retaining wall block can be engineered for unreinforced gravity retaining walls reaching heights in excess of 20'.

Rosch Company Engineering

Engineering. ROSCH owns ROSCH Engineering which provides retaining wall and structural designs per specifications, or design-build dings specifically engineered and tailored to the project, to the application, and with any limitations.

Understanding Retaining Wall Height Regulations - hipages

Aside from the disappointment of learning the the hard way when your DIY retaining wall begins to buckle under the weight of the soil behind it, a low retaining wall doesn't pose much of a danger. Beyond a certain height, though, a poorly engineered retaining wall can be extremely dangerous.

Specifications - Precast Concrete Fence Panels and Walls

Superior Concrete Products are experts in meeting design specifications, engineering, manufacturing and installation of fences, sound barriers, retaining walls and building systems made of durable precast concrete.

Reinforced Retaining Wall Construction -

Basic steps to build a reinforced retaining wall. Check the engineered plans and specifications. Most grids are strongest along the roll or machine direction. Reinforced grid designs require that all grids are placed with the machine direction running from the face of the wall towards the back of the excavation area.

Redi-Rock Retaining Walls

Redi-Rock is an engineered retaining wall solution being used to create usable land in communities around the world. Multiple block solutions are available so you can design optimized solutions for your wall project.


2 Standard Specifications for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing, Washington, D.C., August 1986 Engineering dings, cross-sections, elevations, and large scale details of order to review the retaining wall design and construction requirements. A notification

Engineered Interlocking Precast Concrete Retaining Wall

Engineered to be Better. The first new precast concrete retaining wall solution in almost two decades. We have engineered a unique wall system designed to handle any application with a faster install time. View Specifications

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